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Information Africa Organization provides a regional platform for professional communication and understanding of the significance of KM for innovation.  It gives a voice to KM on a regional scale and follows the developments in KM, promoting its practical implementation within Africa.

Papers presenting innovative projects, experience, initiatives or services with a strong collaborative cross-border or regional dimension are preferred. Papers should reflect the 2016 conference theme, “Knowledge Management for Sustainable Development in Africa”


THEME: “Knowledge Management for Sustainable Development in Africa”


Sub theme 1: Knowledge Management and the Economy

  • Economic value of data and data management for research
  • K-Economy, K-community and K-enterprise
  • Public policy for the knowledge economy
  • Entrepreneurship and business models of the knowledge based economy
  • Education sector in the knowledge economy
  • Ethical considerations of the knowledge economy



Sub theme 2: Knowledge Management for Organizational growth

  • Capturing the organizational knowledge and making it available for reuse
  • Business intelligence: applications in the enterprise, principles and case studies
  • Knowledge Technologies and Applications
  • Benchmarking, impact measurement and performance evaluation of knowledge management applications in the Enterprise
  • Implications of knowledge economy for human resources and employee relations
  • Communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Learning Organization & Organizational Learning
  • Enterprise Information/knowledge Systems in decision support and business process management
  • Capturing Organizational Memories Information storage, retrieval and interface technology
  • Knowledge Management Projects
  • Knowledge discovery in databases
  • Best Practices & Communities of Practice


Sub theme 3: Innovations in Knowledge Management

  • Innovations in knowledge management for service delivery
  • Innovative Approaches to Knowledge acquisition and sharing
  • Information and knowledge societies in low technology countries
  • Cloud computing applications to knowledge management and human capital development
  • Innovation Facilitation
  • Big data applications and technologies with social media
  • Implications of data security, integrity and privacy for employee well-being
  • Policy and legal environment for innovation
  • Innovations on the corporate culture of an organization
  • Multimedia Databases.
  • Concurrent engineering and computer integrated manufacturing
  • Content management & digital rights management
  • Context modeling and management
  • Intelligent information systems; intelligent multi-agent systems
  • Intelligent problem solving; Interoperability


Subtheme 4: Knowledge Management for Governance and Advocacy

  • Social media in politics and mass social movement
  • Information Technology in Governance and Government Policy Making
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Impact measurement of knowledge management
  • e-Government


Sub theme 5: Knowledge Management and Information

  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Knowledge Management and Projects
  • Knowledge Management strategies and implementations
  • Knowledge Reengineering; Knowledge Relationship Discovery
  • Tools and technologies for knowledge management
  • Digital libraries, Archives and Repositories
  • Telecommunication and Information Networking
  • Process knowledge and semantic services; Semantic Web and Ontology



We welcome case studies, best practices and theoretical papers from different contexts. Presentation of posters is also welcomed.


Submissions and selection process:

Should you be interested in contributing, please provide:

  • Name and affiliation of presenter(s)
  • The title of the paper /poster
  • An abstract of the paper or presentation of 300-500 words, in English
  • Brief biographical information of presenter(s)
  • Contact information including email address

Please send your proposals by 31st May 2016 to Sharon at email addresses:; c.c .,

The submitted material will be reviewed by a program planning committee. The selection will be based on the abstracts and rated on how well they fit the program theme.

Communication of acceptance of the papers will be sent out by 15th July 2016.

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