IAO Knowledge Management Summit

24th – 25th May 2018, Reef Hotel, Mombasa


Theme: Knowledge Management for Organizational Growth, Sustainability and Innovation

  1. Background and rationale

Information Africa Organization (IAO) will hold a 2-day Knowledge Management (KM) Summit that will focus on Knowledge Management for organizational growth and sustainability. The summit, slated for 24th & 25th May 2018 in Mombasa, Kenya, will be held within the framework of Knowledge Management as a means of attaining a competitive edge for organizations, by using the human and intellectual resources within their organizations. This summit aims to benchmark on strategies that can be adopted by individuals to foster organizational growth, sustainability and innovation.


  1. Kenyan Knowledge Management Summit Overview

The summit will focus on strengthening the capacities of participants based on topical issues by experts who will share their experiences. This will be anchored on discussions during presentations and the knowledge fair. The discussions will raise awareness on systematic methodology of implementing Knowledge Management in organizations to promote best practices for enhanced Knowledge Management in respective organizations. Major components of the summit will center on the mechanisms for knowledge services that will include knowledge service audit, knowledge strategy, elements of a knowledge strategy and challenges of building a knowledge strategy.

  1. KM Summit Objectives

The summit will purpose to achieve the following objectives:

  • To enlighten participants on Knowledge Management and its importance as well as leverage on the experiences and capabilities of experts for improved service delivery.
  • To enhance participants’ appreciation of knowledge management basing on experts’ experiences and capabilities for improved service delivery.
  • To improve and strengthen the knowledge management capacity of participants.
  • To facilitate knowledge sharing among knowledge management professionals so as to increase collaboration among participants.
  • To build a Knowledge Management community through formation of a Knowledge Management Association or a professional association.


  1. Expected outcomes
  • Increased efficiency of Knowledge Management workers for improved quality of service, higher satisfaction levels and lower cost of delivery of products and services.
  • Clear and common understanding of the value of Knowledge Management and the benefits realized from the use of those services by clients (organizations).
  • Formation of a Knowledge Management Association (or interest group)


  1. Proposed participants

The summit will target Information and Knowledge managers, Knowledge Management experts & practitioners or potential Knowledge Management practitioners from government ministries, county governments, directorates, parastatals, the academia, centre of excellence, non-governmental organizations among others. Participants are expected to be working in Knowledge Management departments or have an interest in Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management initiatives in their respective institutions.


  1. The summit organizer

The summit is organized by Information Africa Organization (IAO). IAO secretariat will be responsible for providing oversight in the preparation and actual delivery of the summit for quality assurance. IAO will also handle all logistical requirements.


  1. Proposed dates and location
  • Proposed dates: 24th – 25th May 2018
  • Proposed location: Reef Hotel, Mombasa- Kenya


  1. Information Africa contacts


Nerisa Kamar


Edward Lodenyo


IAO Secretariat


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