July 2014

First Knowledge Management/Knowledge Services Workshops for Knowledge Workers – July 21-24, 2014 – The Boma Hotel, Nairobi


This was a four-half day training for Knowledge Management/Knowledge Services workshop for knowledge workers conducted by Ms Nerisa Kamar, a Knowledge Management/Knowledge Services consultant for SMR International.

The target audience were individuals in charge of or working with knowledge development, capture, sharing, and dissemination in order to use organization knowledge effectively and efficiently. Knowledge workers keen on learning more about these topics are welcome, and the workshops will particularly benefit librarians, records managers, archivists, and all document managers in Legal, HR, Financial Services, Executive Support, and similar administrative functions.

What was Covered:

Day One:

  • Knowledge Management and Knowledge Services
  • KM/KS Fundamentals for Information Professionals

Day Two:

  • Conducting the Knowledge Audit
  • Identifying Information and Knowledge Needs

Day Three:

  • Developing the Knowledge Strategy
  • Using the Findings of the Knowledge Audit to Make Your Plans

Day Four:

  • Building the Knowledge Culture
  • Establishing the organization’s Intellectual Capital as Its Primary Asset

What the participants said:

rhoda_mu“The workshop has opened our way of thinking in terms of what knowledge management is all about. Who should practice KM process? It is not only librarians but KM is a journey that has started and it is ongoing and many who are willing to know more should join this walk.” Rodah, Senior   Library Assistant, Collage of Health Science- Moi University, Eldoret



isabel“The workshop was very informative and educative. The concept of Knowledge management has not been fully conceptualized by people dealing with information.  I must say it was good, well organized, the content was very comprehensive. We have learnt a lot on how to improve and be agents of change in our institutions. Let us have more of these workshops for all staff.” Isabel, Assistant Librarian, College of Health Science-Moi University, Eldoret




“Knowledge Management is the heart of transforming our attitude in social, political and economic spheres. God Bless, guide and watch you as you strive to achieve KM in Kenya.” Elijah, Librarian, Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research Institute- Mombasa


Closing Speech by Guy St. Clair

Guy St. Clair

Guy St. Clair

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for your participation in this important first workshop on KM and Knowledge Services.

When I lived in your beautiful country a few years ago – working on a knowledge strategy assignment for one of our SMR International clients – I think it would not be too much of a “stretch” to say that I “fell in love” with Kenya.

I become close friends with so many fine Kenya citizens, including Nerisa Kamar and William Mibei, and I will be forever grateful for that experience, and those friendships. Indeed, I am greatly blessed to have this strong relationship with Kenya and its intellectual center, and I am proud of this relationship.

I was even honored – when I was in Kenya – to be permitted to volunteer my limited services to IAO as the organization began its fine management focus. So I’ve come to know your country very well, and to know the welcome place for KM and knowledge services, and the role that KM and knowledge services will play in your country’s great future.

You have done excellent work in this workshop, and SMR International and my colleagues at the company are indeed very proud to be affiliated with your work in this program. Additionally, I’m happy to share with you that our faculty and students in the academic program with which I’m affiliated – the M.S. in Information and Knowledge Strategy program at Columbia University in the City of New York – are also very aware of your efforts. They, too, join me in telling you how proud we all are of the good work you are doing with these workshops. This is our intellectual future – make no doubt about it – and as you continue to grow your strengths in KM and knowledge services, you will be the knowledge thought leaders – the knowledge strategists – for your many organizations, institutions, and companies.

My colleagues at SMR International, at Columbia University, and in our many KM and knowledge services working groups throughout the United States congratulate you.

We wish you much good luck, success, and happiness as you grow into your rewarding new future in knowledge management and knowledge services.

Guy St. Clair

President SMR International


William Mibei

William Mibei

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

Organizational sustainable development involves mutual knowledge sharing and mutual capacity development. The role of a Knowledge Manager is to take lead in ensuring organizations adapt to knowledge Management strategies that take into account new Cultures, social networks, and new technologies that enable new modes of sharing knowledge.

SMR International in collaboration with Information Africa Organization is keen in ensuring that organizations fully understand, appreciate and implement knowledge Management and knowledge Services in their daily operations towards efficient services at minimal costs. This is achieved through workshops, seminars and conferences.

Your redefined role from now will be to emphasize incorporation of Knowledge Management/ Knowledge Services in staff development programmes, including courses for leadership, management, organizational development and teamwork in order to foster partnerships for broader knowledge-sharing and support a knowledge-sharing and learning culture.

I believe that from this workshop, you will be champions in supporting sharing of relevant information and knowledge among staff in your respective institutions towards institutional/ organizational effectiveness.

With these few remarks, I wish to declare the workshop officially closed.

William Mibei

Executive Director, IAO


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