Specific Objectives

  • To provide excellent training in Knowledge Management
  • To provide excellent consultancy in execution of Knowledge Management /Sharing services
  • To build capacity in timely access and use of¬†information available in electronic format (e-resources and e-journals)
  • To provide relevant training and to equip the youth with relevant ICT skills and expertise for effective and efficient performance in their institutions in order to meet their organizational and donor expectations;
  • To establish and assist in the establishment of ICT schools/colleges as the board of the organization may desire and when needs arises;
  • To recognize and document the experience and resources of youth in order to facilitate knowledge management that would otherwise go underutilized and develop a data bank;
  • To carry out awareness services on topical issues affecting the youth institutions and communities and provide support through networking and linkage to genuine initiatives;
  • To establish training and advisory services to assist in publishing newsletters and brochures;
  • To establish a resource centre to provide access to information and training for the youth and to enhance communication and co-operation between various development institutions;
  • To apply to any governments or authority, public bodies, corporations, companies or persons for and to accept grants or gifts of money
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