About Us

Information Africa  was registered in September 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya as a non-profit organization. It is aimed at enabling access and use of knowledge and information through Knowledge Services for improved livelihoods.



This is achieved through:

  • Establishing community-based knowledge management centers, to enable citizens to find and share the information they require. Of particular importance will be additional community reference and information services for agriculture, healthcare, business management, and higher education
  • Establishing libraries (or for communities with libraries already in place, review and identify how library services for future needs can be considered and implemented)
  • Developing information literacy programs, particularly for the education of young people in computer-based technologies, to aid them in their career planning and job search activities
  • Designing and implementing knowledge-sharing platforms, including repackaging and the dissemination of information and shared knowledge to specific and targeted user groups.
  • Provide tailored training on Knowledge management and knowledge services for specific organizations and target groups.
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