Workshops & conferences

Our Objective

Our main objective is to build capacity  in Information and Communication Technologies, and Knowledge Management with the aim of improving livelihoods.

At IAO we undertake the role of disseminating information related to:
• Environmental Science and Climate change
• Emerging trends in Information Management
• Peace building and Conflict Resolution Knowledge Management 

To fulfill this we facilitate two major events:

e-Monthly conference

In July, we, as Information Africa Organization (IAO), came to the reality that COVID-19 was here to stay and we needed to adapt to the “new normal”. This formed the genesis of the e-workshops for exchange of knowledge, networking and generally to keep the Knowledge Management and Information Professionals alive.

Regular trainings

IAO In collaboration has trained participants on Knowledge Management/ Knowledge Services from various institutions, organizations, and corporates. We organize trainings and workshops based on need and emerging issues in the field.

Upcoming Conference


Development and Indigenization of Knowledge Management Systems in Africa

The conference  focuses on : Pan-Africanism, Artificial intelligence, indigenous knowledge management systems, language and development and cultural and economic development.